Some Hotels trained by us...and what they said...

Cycas Hospitality - London

"What I loved is the physiology of communication and how it affects our guests and people. We can implement this in F&B as well!"

Director of Sales, Luxury Hotel

“The training is very relevant to our area of work in the hotel industry. It encourages us to think differently and look for solutions when we are staring at the problem…and also not to over analyse the situation (as I tend to do).

Moreover the learnings can be easily applied to my area of work based on the specific situations and examples that were sited.”

Night Manager – The Mandrake, London

“What appealed to me most is the process on how to understand people (guest perception as well as the team) better to be more effective.”

Front Office Manager

I am glad I invested in this program.

A very interesting, rewarding, and valuable experience during this unprecedented situation and the best investment I have made !

This course has changed my perspective of understanding how to handle guests and also myself and people /colleagues around me.

Many occasions the techniques which I learned during this course, has helped me in my personal life as well.


Hotel industry professional (20+years)

“The programme was like a ‘Eureka’ moment for me!

I realised that I had set goals and targets without knowing what was really needed.

And not achieving these was stressful!

Once I understood the ’outcome’ it didn’t seem daunting at all! I now have more options and fewer goals as compared to the previous and more motivated to make things happen.